Sing the Nation


About Sing London


Sing London deliver high profile, participatory events to make cities feel happy. We like to make participation feel a little bit irresistible.


What people Say


Patrick Stewart

“I think it’s a lovely idea to personalise objects that might otherwise seem inanimate, fixed. Because this is a wonderful poem, I hope it will give a sense of intimacy and personality to the experience. I look forward to hearing it at Paddington”

Elizabeth McGovern    

“The idea of statues talking is delightful. Hebe was a Goddess who inspired compassion. I enjoyed getting to know her and hope others will too.”

Jeremy Paxman

“The idea of Talking Statues has enormous appeal”







John C. Reilly

“As a native Chicagoan I was really honored to give voice to the statue of Lincoln, a statue I’ve spent many hours staring up at, imagining what he had to say”


Maisie Williams

“This statue comes alive at night, I loved giving her a voice.”



Penny Alexander Chief executive Baker Street Bids

“Our evaluation of the Wonderpass confirms what we already suspected: People love walking through it”







About our Company


Our Board
Sing London is a non-profit Company limited by Guarantee. Find out more about our board of advisors here.


Our Team
Sing London is administered by a small team of four people dedicated to making our city wide events the best they can be. Find out more about how we work here.


Our productions generate extensive PR. Have a look at our press book.


Our Story
Where have we come from and where are we going? View Sing London’s history to find out more.