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About Sing London


Sing London deliver high profile, participatory events to make cities feel happy. We like to make participation feel a little bit irresistible.


What people Say


Patrick Stewart

“I think it’s a lovely idea to personalise objects that might otherwise seem inanimate, fixed. Because this is a wonderful poem, I hope it will give a sense of intimacy and personality to the experience. I look forward to hearing it at Paddington”


Elizabeth McGovern    

“The idea of statues talking is delightful. Hebe was a Goddess who inspired compassion. I enjoyed getting to know her and hope others will too.”

Jeremy Paxman

“The idea of Talking Statues has enormous appeal”







John C. Reilly, voice of Abraham Lincoln, Chicago

“As a native Chicagoan I was really honored to give voice to the statue of Lincoln, a statue I’ve spent many hours staring up at, imagining what he had to say.”


Maisie Williams, voice of The Broad Family in Broadgate, London

“This statue comes alive at night – I loved giving her a voice!”



Penny Alexander, Chief Executive, Baker Street Quarter Partnership

“Our evaluation of the Wonderpass confirms what we already suspected: people love walking through it!”







About our Company


Our Board
Sing London is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Find out more about our board of advisors here.


Our Team
Sing London is administered by a small team dedicated to making our city-wide events the best they can be.


Our productions generate extensive PR. Have a look at our press book.


Our Story
Where have we come from and where are we going? View Sing London’s history to find out more.