Sing London produces city wide events in which the wider public can engage.

Whether we are uniting a city in shared song or in mass ping pong, our projects aim to make participation feel joyous and irresistible. We believe that by taking part in something, you feel a part of it. We use participation to connect people to each other and to the places around them.

Ultimately our projects set out to make cities feel like happy places to be.

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  • Statue Stories Chicago

Statue Stories Chicago launched with a bang this August. An all star Chicago cast includes Steve Carell, David Schwimmer, Bob Newhart, Scott Turow, John C. Reilly, Shonda Rhimes, and many more.


Pass a statue and get a call back from Abe Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, or a giant lion. Working with Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Second City, and Lookingglass Theatre.


For more information click here.


  • Talking Statue Vilnius

Talking Statues Vilnius- 15 statues have just started talking in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.
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  • Talking Statues Berlin

Talking Statues Berlin- introducing bilingual statues. Sing London are working with Berlin to animate statues across the capital.


  • Ping! London 2015

Ping! London recently finished its 6th summer in the city. Ping! is the public ping pong project that installs tables in landmark locations for everyone to play on, from stations to stately homes, pubs to parks, markets to museums. Ping! is a free event: to take part, simply borrow a bat and ball from the side of the table and start playing.


Check out our Play On and Table Finder page at for all your ping pong needs.


  • Talking Statues London and Talking Statues Manchester

Over 100,000 people have interacted with our chatty statues! Pay them a visit to hear what they have to say. Contributors include: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Bonneville, Maisie Williams, Simon Callow and the list goes on!


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